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If you are wondering where to buy a nice carpet from your home and business place, also include the installation with excellent service at the bargain price, here is the answer !

Hi readers, Are you trying to get a new carpet for your home ? Or you wondering about the cheapest price you can have for ordering and installing the carpet. Now, comes to fulfill your carpet needs. Is it still new in your mind ? Now, let’s discuss about why you must choose this website to buy.
However, before continuing the explanation, the physical store of is located in New Jersey. You can visit the website for further information regarding the location. This store provides wide-rang of carpets collection suits your needs. Weather you need it for your lovely house or your business office.
Sometimes, people use carpets for giving the luxury touch and some comforts feeling at their own place. Using carpet can also enhance your building internal appearance. You will get the building installed with it will be more comfort or if it a business place, it will look more professional.
If you are some institution like school, city library, hotels, offices, church staff, and government, you may try this excellent services. At the same time you can see a lot of variation of carpets, you will get the professional customer service by the store which has been operated over than 15 years. Furthermore, your school, hotels, offices, and other places will be more nice looking. In another hand, carpet is also good for absorbing the cold if winter comes. It can give you  warm foot steps weather you need to travel around the building or your home.
If you are person who place the comfort situation in your building you stay or your home you live, it is the right time to buy your own carpet using our professional services. This store, however only sell a high quality carpet that make you satisfied by using it for a long period. Some carpets maybe become thinner in a short time, but our collections are special one. Of course, you will have a wide-range of possible price for you to feel our excellent service.
Well, after finding the right carpet, you may ask about its installation. Sometimes, buyers are confuse about how to install it after ordering it. In another case, buyers feel the additional charges for the carpet installation is unacceptable. Here you will find yourself easy to order the carpet online or by phone (201)951-0681. The staff will definitely send the carpet at your place. You may also ask the staff to install the carpet. As well as got the excellent service in carpet order you will find the best price. In fact, the installation cost will be mostly 50% cheaper than you’ll get from others. If you worry about the time is needed for the installation, you can say good bye to your worries. Our team has commited to do the installation and almost of the installation is done the next day after ordering it.



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99 Carpets, We are a carpet mobile store. We carry a huge variety of the largest and finest carpet brands. We offer hundreds of styles to our local customers, and our experts can help you find the one you’ll love. When you look for new carpet, you want the best for less. We get you lower costs from our manufacturers, so you will love the flooring you choose—and its price. With our worry-free guarantee, you don’t have to stress any longer! we offer satisfaction guarantee, and at 99 Carpets, we will make sure you are happy before we leave!

We help you every step of the way after you’ve selected your new floor: professional on-site measurement, removal of old flooring, and skilled installation. We do it all expertly, so your floor will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction.


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First we will show what  is a carpet tack strip. Carpet tack strip is a wood piece that we need to install carpet, It has an inch wide and 4 feet long , has 2 rows of very thin nails ,that serve to engage the carpet and also has a row the nails sticking them that will serve to drive on the floor.

The first thing to do is clean the floor , all edges of the walls should be clean and free of objects, then we will check what kind of floor we have , there are different kinds of carpet tack strips : For concrete floors and floors wood, also exist in different sizes , the most popular is 4 feet long, also exists the tack strips commercially available that are much wider , usually this type is used when the carpet is way too thick or rough or when the place to  be installed the carpet is way too big .

The purpose of install carpet tack strips is to strengthen the carpet against the wall so there are no pumps or marks on the carpet to finish the installation of the carpet.

The tools we use are a hammer, snap grips to cut the tack strips when needed and extra strong nails to secure the floor.

Once everything is ready, we will begin installing tack strips. As a rule put each tack strip a quarter inch from the wall but also the distance depends on how thick is the carpet if too thin will be put close to the wall and if is too thick will be put about a half inch wall and started nailing one by one, then in the corners cut off at the required size of the wall, also will check if any of this are moving, then we have to secure with extra nails. Tack strips all have to be very strong nailed to the floor, otherwise they will come out when the carpet is stretched. Now if the floor is made of metal or hard concrete or there is also heating tubes inside the floor, we will not use nail to secure the tack strips, then use liquid nails or an especial glue to secure the tack strips to the floor, then leave a few hours for tack strips sticking to the floor. After that it will be ready for the next step which is: How to install padding on the floor for the carpet.

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